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The Benefits of Private Music Lessons

Private lessons greatly benefit students of all ages, especially at the very beginning of learning a musical instrument.

Learning to play the clarinet involves many different aspects. In addition to note reading, there is embouchure, breathing, hand position, and posture, along with putting the instrument together properly and dealing with the reed.

There are many subtle aspects to these fundamentals skills which are so very important for the student to be able to progress on the instrument.

Each student learns differently and has their own strengths and challenges. The one-on-one element of private instruction allows the teacher to tailor each lesson to the individual student's needs. Students with strong fundamental skills progress quicker and enjoy playing the instrument. Those who enjoy playing stay with the instrument longer, through the school years and beyond into adulthood.

For information on private clarinet lessons in Sharon, MA or in Concord, MA at Concord Conservatory, email me at More info at

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