Purchasing a Clarinet

Purchasing a clarinet for a beginning student:

The clarinet that I recommend for beginning students is the Buffet B12 student plastic clarinet.

The reeds I recommend for a beginner are: Vandoren #2.

I also recommend an upgraded mouthpiece: Vandoren 5RV LYRE. (this is VERY specific)

The sales and repair person I recommend is Mike Leonard 508-653-2189. His web site is

www.leonardsmusic.com. You can buy or rent the instrument from him.

Please note: It is NOT a good idea to purchase an instrument online! 


Purchasing a clarinet for an intermediate or advanced student:

Once a student is beyond a beginner level, I usually recommend upgrading the instrument. I recommend a Buffet R13 clarinet. Selecting an instrument of this quality can be very confusing and I always help my students with this process.

The only 2 instrument sellers I recommend are:

Mike Leonard at www.leonardsmusic.com

Lisa Canning at Lisa's Clarinet Shop

Please note:

For my students - please have me quide you through this process.

Also - It is NOT a good idea to purchase an instrument online! 

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