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Learning, Enjoyment, Success though music.

Private Clarinet Lessons and Ensembles

Private clarinet lessons in Sharon, MA
clarinet ensemble in Sharon, MA

Private Lessons

As a professional clarinetist with over 30 years of teaching experience, my students learn proper technique along with musicality right from the very first clarinet lesson. Students who have a solid foundation in clarinet technique and musical knowledge progress faster, find greater enjoyment in playing and stay with the instrument all through school years and into adulthood.


My teaching studio is located in Sharon, MA. I provide clarinet lessons to students from the following towns in Massachusetts:

  • Sharon

  • Canton 

  • Mansfield 

  • Foxborough 

  • Walpole 

  • Easton

  • Franklin

  • Wrentham

  • Norwood

  • Norfolk 

  • Concord

  • Acton

  • Bedford 

  • Lexington 

Private clarinet lessons are once per week for either 30, 45, 60 minutes. I teach adults and children ages 9 and up, from beginning to advanced levels.

My teaching style focuses on leading each student to develop individuality and expressiveness in their music making, along with a high level of technical ability on their instrument. My clarinet lessons are tailored to the individual student's needs and goals. Studies include:

  • music theory

  • scales, and etudes

  • solo and ensemble repertoire

Performance opportunities, auditions and competitions are available throughout the academic year. 

Clarinet Ensemble

Students are encouraged to play in an ensemble - a school or community ensemble or one of my clarinet ensembles. Ensemble playing gives students an opportunity to expand on the techniques learned in private lessons. In Clarinet Ensemble, students learn skills including:  

  • leading the group -giving the downbeat and cut-off, giving cues and setting tempos

  • reading from a score

  • blending and balancing their individual parts within an ensemble

  • tuning their instrument and intonation tendencies

  • listening and responding to others in the ensemble

Repertoire will be selected from a variety of styles and time periods. The ensembles will perform on recitals. Other performance opportunities including chamber music competitions will be available throughout the academic year.

Studio Recitals
private clarinet lessons in Sharon, MA

Studio and Community Recitals

Students are invited to perform in studio and community recitals scheduled during the academic year. Recitals give students an opportunity to perform with a professional accompanist and to showcase their pieces to peers, family, and friends.  Student chamber ensembles are also included on recitals.

Practice Audition/Recital Preparation Classes

Experience the audition or recital before the actual performance. This class offers audition and recital preparation in a small supportive group setting with individual attention. Students preparing for an audition will play scales, their audition piece and sight reading. Those preparing for an upcoming recital will perform their piece in a simulated recital setting. All students will receive feedback from the teacher and other students. 


Strategies for audition and performance success will be discussed including: pacing your preparation to reach your optimal performance level on the recital/audition day,  warming-up on the day of the performance, and dealing with nerves while maintaining poise. We will also discuss home practice techniques that will help you learn to play your best under stress. Students will be invited to discuss past audition and recital experiences and offer helpful hints to others. 

Students will leave this class with a good sense of their strengths and weaknesses and they will know what additional preparation they need before the actual performance. Past participants have found these classes very helpful in their preparation and many have achieved success as a result.


Past student successes include:

  • First Prize Concerto Competition winner

  • Principal Clarinet chair in District Orchestra and Band

  • Principal Clarinet in MYWE

  • All Eastern and All State Band acceptance

  • First Chair Clarinet in school bands

private clarinet lessons in Sharon, MA
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