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Here is what my students and their parents are saying...

"Mrs. Leehey,
I noticed that you had a section for testimonials for students so I felt I had to share.
Please feel free to include any or all of my testimonial below. I mean what I'm saying and I miss our lessons together very much. Hope all is well!  
Your student,
Alex Pandeldis

From The moment I began studying with Mrs. Leehey, I knew I had come across something extremely special. Mrs. Leehey is not just a teacher, but a mentor. No matter what your skill level is, no matter what your goals as a musician are, she instills in her students the idea that each has something to offer. She determinedly searches for the unique qualities in each and every one of her students; and once she finds them, she cultivates them until they become fully fledged. Mrs. Leehey's dedication, unwavering faith in her students, and her tendency to go above and beyond in regards to helping her students reach their potential is nothing short Of amazing. The lessons I learned from Mrs. Leehey have translated into so many other areas of my life outside of clarinet and for that I am profoundly grateful. Thank you Mrs. Leehey! "

"Liz Leehey is every student’s dream music teacher. From the very beginning, she has patiently taught me how to read music, how to count rhythms, and how to properly care for my clarinet. She always makes sure that I fully understand the music by allowing me to try and figure everything out before she steps in. While playing, she encourages me to decide where the piece should go musically, which has made me develop my creativity as a musician. Without Liz, I wouldn’t have achieved my accomplishments. She chooses pieces that fit me, perfectly plans out lessons leading to a big event, and gives me advice about auditions, competitions, and recitals. Above all, Liz really cares. She brings out the best in everyone, she listens, asks for my opinion, and even chats me on Facebook! I wouldn’t be the person I am today without Liz, and I cannot thank her enough for the past seven years."

Renee Yang, student


"To Prospective Students and Families:
It is my great pleasure to recommend Elizabeth Leehey as a clarinet teacher.
Our daughter has studied with Elizabeth for seven years. During that time we have watched and listened during lessons, ensemble coaching and recitals. Elizabeth is a remarkable teacher. She masters the art of inspiring collaboration and discipline while being a true colleague of her students. They all respond to her trust in them and rise to her very high standards. She combines respect and fun in a way that the kids all recognize as the real thing."
Paula Alvary, parent

 "... your passion for music and clarinet has inspired me and now I have found a love for music myself. ...I'm excited to bring all of your lessons with me into the future...."
Emily Hu, student 


"I think we both agree that the amount of growing and learning that gets accomplished at your studio under your leadership is quite remarkable. I continue to be amazed (and very proud) whenever I hear Kaat play. Thank you for all you have done, for the inspiration you have given her, and the everlasting encouragement. You are a really great teacher. " Ineke Ceder, parent


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