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Clarinet Swabs - the good ones, and the not-so good ones.

There are many kinds of clarinet swabs, some are good, others are not-so good.

Many new student clarinets come with this type of swab. This is probably the worst type. They really don't absorb well, and they get stuck in the clarinet. Not a good choice for a young student who is just starting to learn about the clarinet!

Here's another one often seen in student cases. I don't like this one either because it can get stuck in the clarinet.

This is what I use - a silk swab with a rubber coated weight. This will not get stuck in the clarinet, and it absorbs well. The brand I use is Gem. They are easily available and not expensive.

Happy Clarinet-ing!

For more information on clarinet playing, or to inquire about private lessons in Sharon, MA or Concord, MA, visit my web site:

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