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How do I put that clarinet ligature on?

There are MANY different kinds of clarinet ligatures, and knowing how to put yours on the mouthpiece correctly is essential. Pictured left (above) is a standard metal ligature often used by beginning students.

This is an "inverted" ligature. There are many styles of these -including ones made of leather or faux leather or cloth. Many students have these too.

​This is an inverted metal ligature.

So, how do you put these on the mouthpiece?


Here is the proper placement of the standard metal ligature. Note that the screws go in the front, on the reed side of the mouthpiece, and are screwed in from the RIGHT side.

Here is the proper placement of a metal inverted ligature. The screws go in the back and are screwed in from the RIGHT.

Here is the proper placement of a leather inverted ligature. Note that the screw goes in the back and is screwed in from the RIGHT.

These are just a few examples of ligatures. There are many more designs - and it can be confusing! If you are wondering how to use yours properly, the best thing to do is to ask a professional clarinetist who is knowledgeable on the latest clarinet equipment.

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