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More Reed Tips for beginning students

Reeds....there is a lot to know here...for the beginning student we'll just start with the basics. A young student who is just starting to learn the clarinet will probably break several reeds as they are getting used to handling them, so I recommend purchasing a box of less-expensive Rico brand reeds. Pictured here.... start with a box of 10 in strength 2, or possibly 2 1/2.

These reeds are fine for the absolute beginner student as they are learning how to put the instrument together and learning to make their first clarinet sounds.

After this first box of reeds, I recommend changing to a better brand of reed such as Vandoren Traditional or Rico Reserve Classic, pictured here:

You can purchase reeds online at many web sites, (Amazon, Weiner Music, Woodwind Brasswind, to name a few) or at your local music store.

Be sure to select the correct strength reed! If you are not sure, ask your clarinet teacher.

For more information on clarinet playing, or to inquire about private lessons in Sharon, MA or Concord, MA, visit my web site:

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