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Organize your reeds! (reed tips for young students)

Are your reeds in a big jumble like this? Let's get them organized!

The condition of your reeds directly affects the quality of your sound. Chipped, dirty, or old reeds will not serve you well.

Here's a few quick "reed tips" that will help you:

  • Each time you open a new reed, write the date that you opened it on the bottom of the back (flat part) of the reed. Use ball point pen. This way you will never wonder how old your reed is.

  • After you finish playing, dry off your reed with your (clean) fingers, and put it in a reed case. Don't leave your reed on the mouthpiece, and certainly don't throw it loose in your case!

  • Keep all of your reeds in a zip-lock plastic bag, with a humidity control pack (Boveda work well and are inexpensive

These are just a few tips to get you organized and sounding great!

For more information on clarinet playing, or to inquire about private lessons, visit my web site:

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